Saudico Electronic Systems signs partnership agreement with Acteos SA

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Saudico Electronic Systems (SES) and Acteos SA have established a partnership for distributing Acteos range of modern Supply Chain Planning & Execution applications in Saudi Arabia.

Acteos SA is a software Developer and Integrator of Supply Chain solutions headquartered in France with offices in Germany and Lebanon. The Company offers a modern range of Supply Chain Planning & Execution applications covering the most relevant processes of the value chain such as Demand Planning, Procurement, Transportation Management (TMS) and Warehouse Management (WMS). Over 400 customers have chosen Acteos to reach Supply Chain excellence: stock reduction, logistic flows optimization, customer satisfaction improvement, product lifecycle control…

This new Partnership opens up new opportunities for Acteos whose strategy is to rely on local players already recognized to impose its technological, conceptual and functional advance on these markets with high potential” said Joseph Felfeli the Chairman & CEO of Acteos.

Soufyan Al Kabbani, Vice President of SES states, “SES is looking forward to this new partnership with Acteos, bringing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its market best of breed and state of the art Supply Chain Management solutions. This partnership will solidify and support SES mission of being a leading local solution provider assisting organizations in their digital transformation”.

Acteos has been selected by BPI France (French investment bank) to participate in the prospective mission organized by Business France and sponsored by Société Générale to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. As part of this mission, under the sign of “French excellence in the Smart City”, 30 French companies were chosen to present French excellence in different business sectors. During this mission, Acteos made the decision to partner with SES.

About SES:
Saudico Electronic Systems (SES) was established in 1983 as a member of the holding company SAUDICO that provided the seed capital and support to enable SES to achieve steady growth and emerge as one of the leading firms in Saudi Arabia’s information technology market.

Headquartered in Riyadh and branch offices in major cities such as Jeddah, Madinah, Dammam, SES is well  positioned to fulfill the growing needs of more than 900 customers by providing complete software, hardware, training, maintenance and customer support services in Saudi Arabia. SES has more than 100 employees and the number has been increasing steadily.

About Acteos SA:
Founded in 1986 and listed at the Paris Stock Exchange Euronext, Acteos group, made up of 120 employees, is located in France (Headquarters in Roubaix), Germany (Gilching) and Lebanon (Beirut). More than 400 customers around the world have already trusted ACTEOS concepts, solutions and technologies to reach their SCM goals and increase competitiveness.

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